Castelli Colletivo

Ironman Alaska

Ironman Alaska lived up to the hype.

Ironman Alaska lived up to the hype. While the terrain and the weather dispassionately reminded us that Ironman is supposed to be hard, the community in Juneau brought a warmth and excitement that exemplified the beauty of Ironman. There is something about this crazy race that brings people together and I'm really proud to have been a part of Alaska's inaugural event.

As for me, I set one goal for this year, to cross each finish line without second-guessing a single decision made during a race. So far it's mission accomplished. The end result, 6th AG, was pretty good too ??.  

I am grateful for my partners in pain, so many miles together. Although they know who they are, I will mention them anyway: Edward Wang, Allen Lopez, Giovanni Duran, and Matthew Han. We inspire each other personally, professionally, and lastly as Ironman triathletes. 

A special thanks to my coach Matthew Han - A TRI Called Quest for his wisdom, guidance, and especially for keeping it fun. And of course to my family ?? I don't even know where to begin Maggie Beiran ?? Love you!! Xoxo!


You are awesome my friend!!! I look forward to future race journeys with you!!! Keep at it brother!!!