Castelli Colletivo

Been a long time

50th anniversary event

Been over a couple of years  since running my last 10k race. The last time I tried to run this race it was cancelled right before official start time due to rain. This was a 2 loop course, thus it offered both a 5k and 10k. Each loop offered a pretty good hill climb wich means a down hill on the other side. Except the road surface on lthe down hill was not the best, lots of loose gravel, so that meant not able to go ball out. Did not want my feet to slide out.

No magic shoes for this shor of a race/ LIght weight racers. Skechers Horizon with innovate boomerang insles was the "weapon" of choice. Raced pretty much by feel. Was not guided by run power or HR, it was a 10k and those are all out with a little reserve. Battled bacak and for the iwth several competitor, but the last km i kep my dpace and the others seemed to fade slightly in the distacne. Ended up 2nd in AG with tie just shy of 43 minutes. More than 2 minutes fast than I ran this in 2015.  Race was a good tempo/fast leg turnover workout as I am prepping for the local marathon in early June.

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