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Peso King - sort of

Podium finish

Mexico is always fun for the "big" events. For Mexicali events, I usualy spend the night just inside USA border before heading over, but this time was able to avoid car camping and/or early am drive by couching it at an aquantances place near by.

I was atually unsure if I was gonna be able to run. Just a few hours before hitting the road, I jammed my pinkey toe. Yes, it bent out of i'ts normal positon (not the first time). I was able to grab some pain killer/anti-inflams and ice it down before bed time. Fortunaely it did not swelll up immedietly and iby race am it was actually feeling not bad... so it was a race go!

Since the event started close to the US Border there was not need to drive across, just a 15 minute walk thru customs and on the the Mexicali's main catherdral/race start location.

Race start 7:30 (mexican time) means this one as a little late getting going. My initial goal was to run 1:31 to 1:34. Before banging up my toe. I don't start in the first row, I have learned to work my way thru the eager beavers and be steady and controlled at the start. Weather was pretty miled fortunately so not heat/overheating to worry about. Castelle Colletivo team shirt does help being light and wicking away moisture.

I finished in a official time of 1:31:04. Course by my garmin was a fraction long. My 13.1 distance was 1:30:54. Thankfully my foot/toe did not really give me any issues at all. My nutrition wss on plar, 4 Gus including the 1 before event start.

Decided to hang around for a while to people watch and have conversation the best I could with my non-spanish. Race staff eventually posted the results, and to my suprise and glee, I made the podium for my age group, 3rd. Mind you, I wound not have made the podium in the next up 5-year group,

So, some 3 or 4 hours after after finishing, the awards ceremony commensed. I hung around to collect my age group award; 500 peso, about 25 bucks, which covered my entry fee (about 12 dollars) and a future event in Mexico. I was as not able to collect the 3rd place finisher plack because the event staff gave it the the 4h place finisher (they say they will send me it when it is returned).

An easy drive back to San Diego after stopping for tacos in Mexical. This time not able to find a quality tacoria on the Mexican side on the walk back to the US side.

Another nice thing about racing in Mexico - lots of photographers - Free course photos!!

The day after the race, I could harldy walk, my foot/toe ached like a bitch and two days later i looked at my foot and notices black and blue. I was forces take several day off to let the foot heal up for the next race in 2 weeks. I want to get some quality training miles in before but life is what it is.... Gotta deal with it.




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