Castelli Colletivo

Last Race of theYear

Checking fitness level and verifying that Magic shoes actually work. Know as a fast downhill course. It's the perfect half marathon to make a qualifying time for NYC Marathon.

I had a goal time of 1:35, which would give me 59 second cushion for qualifying for NYC Marathon. Ended up supinsing myself with a sub 1:30 pace. The downhill course made it "easy" even with the amount of training miles I was prepared with. Also the magic of Nike 4% shoes do make you faster...especially in the later miles of a long race.

The fist couple of miles of the course have a couple of quality hills which means downhill on the opposite side, then gental rollers with descending elevation. Hold your pace for the last mile as it's a micro incline. But iif you have the right shoes yours legs/quads are saved from the pounding to finish strong. 

Yes I did suprise myself with my finish time. I got killed by the 1st place person in my AG. But I killed the 3rd place in my AG. Sub 1:30 finish guaranteed my NYC marathon entry... as long I am one of the early ones to registrer when registraton opens in early February (approx).



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