Castelli Colletivo

Just fun to get out there

Augusta surprised us with perfect weather. The water was fast. The bike a breeze, and the run was perhaps too flat.

My training took a significant nose dive during August and September. I was burnt out and in the midst of moving out of our family home. It was really difficult to motivate and train leading up to Augusta. I thought about skipping the run portion or even bailing on the race. 

The weather was unusually perfect for Augusta, GA. It was about 82 degrees with minimal humidity for that region of the country. I got in the water upfront, before they closed the start for 45 minutes waiting on a medical team resucitating a swimmer. Unfortunately, he did not make it. The river was fast and warm. I barely had to sight the horizon and just let the current take me downstream. 

Out of the water, the bike was fairly straightforward. Lots of city streets to begin and end but some nice bucolic riding in between. An easy bike course with relatively good roads. 

The run was flat but fun since it snaked through downtown Augusta. There were many spectators which is always a blessing to help one persevere to the finishline. I wished there were more cups of ice but they were well stocked on snacks and hydration. 

A good course for a beginner.

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