Castelli Colletivo

The prefect mix

The perfect race to get that personal best.

When I signed up for Maine 70.3, I was not thinking about the race. I was looking forward to racing in a new place and getting to spend time friends I haven't seen years. I wanted them to get the triathlon bug, one of them might have caught it. Alright back to the race. 



The race is held at Old Orchard Beach. A tourist trap of a town with an awesom beach, carnival rides, family oriented, and all of the beach activities. like most of Maine, you fetting a feeling of going back in history. If you love history this is the place for you. Old home, forts, lighthouses are all around available to explore. Portland (Maines biggest city I think) is only a 20 minute drive north. This city is worth a day or two to explore.  Boston is about a 2 hour drive south. You will need to rent a car for this race. 


Since Old Orchard Beach is a tourist trap, finding healthy food we are use to was a challenge. Beakfast was Dunkin' Donuts and the rest of the restaurants are American bar food. Your best bet is driving the 20 minutes to Portland or 10-15 south to Biddeford.


The swim is in the ocean. Swim out about .4 miles.  North about .5 and back in about .4 with the temp being around 68°.  The waves, tide and current make it challenging but fast.  Expect to have a .25-.5 run when you get out to T1.


I love this bike course. Lots of hills with fun descents. The hills are not rollers but they are not big either. I feel like it was the right mix to keep it challenging but fast. Expect to be in your aero bars for almost the whole ride. We got lucky this year with some new paved roads, but some (1-2 mile) sections were pretty rough. The race did a good job marking any potholes or cracks in the road. The road is open to traffic so you need to watch for drivers.  The bike was a little short by 2 miles. 


You will get a mix of pavement and trail/gravel. You have a few hills with one long hill about mile 5 and 11. It's a challenging run but you will be able to conquer it. 

Over all this race was worth a trip. It's fast and then y out have a beach to hang out on when you are all done. 

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