Castelli Colletivo

The struggle was real

The course only gets harder and harder

I loved racing St George 70.3. I wish I would have had a stronger run though. Came out of the water in 1st place in my age group and was still in 2nd in T2, but my run just died on me. A combination of gut cramps and heat got to me. Living in Northern Wisconsin makes it hard to find any heat acclimnation so early in the year and that was a legit run course that is hard to mimic in flat Wisconsin. Managed a 4:35 time and 4th in my age group. So I will be back in Sept at Worlds to tackle the course again. 


Be ready for the climb on the run. They are having worlds do it twice. I know you will kill it at worlds. Nice job and good luck at worlds!

Nice work! That course was legit, you did great!