Castelli Colletivo

Race Recap

21/294 Overall, 3/26 Age Group

Overall I am happy with this outcome.  I Just had a race the weekend prior where I was feeling the effects of slacking on my training some.  So to do well in this one also gives me just that much more motivation again.  

Swim: The swim went as expected per the usual.  This of course is my worst discipline.  Finished 66th overall with 5:52:03 @1:57/100 which is slow for me.  Again shoulders blow up without a warmup, just jumping in and sprinting 300yrds.  Expected between 5:30 and 6min so still im my range.  Need to hit more of my swim workouts.

Bike: Bike went well which im glad about.  Finished 20th overall with 34:27:02 @22.2mph avg.  This course had a few decent climbs in it.  Being a bigger guy climbs are not my thing but, I always route as much elevation as possible in all my training rides and it paid off.  I was hurting on the climbing, but it was nice to see everyone else stuggling just a little bit more. I passed quite a few people here.  Again need to work on transition from swim to bike and need easier to slip on bike shoes.

Run: Run went alright.  Finished 27th overall with 21:34:08 @6:57/mile.  I would have liked closer to 6:45 avg but there was a couple climbs, while short, still hard for a bigger guy which slowed me down a little.  I think on a flat course 6:45 would have been possible.  Overall happy that it felt better than last week.  Happy to be under 7min mile with the hills and not wanting to walk after 2 miles.

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