Castelli Colletivo

Race Recap

5/177 Overall and 2/11 Age group

Overal I am happy with this race and the results.  I'm not going to lie, I have been slacking a little.  Just been feeling slightly less motivated and burn out from a full year of full distance IM training.  Overall looking foward to finishing my IM in tulsa and getting into short distance racing with an occasional 70.3 here and there.

Swim: Swim went as expected.  Ended 44th overall and 4th in age group.  I expected to be between 5:30 and 6min for the 300yrds.  I ended up 5:51 @1:57/100.  This is pretty slow for me.  I dont like how with covid they dont allow and warmups.  Does not feel good with no warmup and jumping in to sprint 300yrds.  Shoulders were blown up pretty quickly.  It is also expected as like I said earlier I have been slacking a little, mainly with my swims.  I dont like swimming much and if I miss a workout it is usually a swim workout even though I still try to get my long endurance swims in.

Bike: Bike went well.  Slower than I would have liked but still went okay.  Had fastest bike split in age group, and 15th overall at 23.79mpg avg.  Half the course was with a slight downhill and back half was a slight uphill.  Realized I need to invest in some better bike shoes.  I currently have three velcro straps and it makes it challenging to put my feet in the shoes while they are cliped on the bike and I'm riding.  Also need to speed up transition a little bit more.

Run: Ended up 16th overall and 2nd in age group.  21:53 time @7:02 avg.  Would have liked to go closer to 6:45avg but overall run went well for the first 2 miles but, again I have been slacking on my runs a little and I deffinatly felt it here.  The last mile was for sure a grinder and a full mile of me saying "do not walk, do not walk" lol.  

Overall this was for sure a gut check and gives me the motivation I need to hit more of my workouts like I need to.  Have a race the following weekend that I did and will upload the difference momentarily. 

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