Castelli Colletivo

Brandon McDonald

fremont, Michigan

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Off Road Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Track and Field
Bucket List RaceMalibu tiriathlon
Post-Race Drinkwater
Off-Day Activityi don't quite understand , i don't think i know what that is

My Name is Brandon McDonald, and I am an age group triathlete. I am competitive in triathlon and duathlon and towards the top of my age group in domestic competition. I have been competing in triathlon for 7 years now.

My most recent race was the 2022 World Age Group Championships (Sprint Distance) in Montreal Quebec where I represented the United States for Team USA for my age group. I took 53rd for my age group. Qualifying for this sort of event for the world championships is difficult and I raced in Richmond, Virginia at the sprint distance draft legal world qualifier where I placed 8th for my age group.

Prior to taking up triathlon I participated in sports, soccer and track and field. I started to get into distance running but kept getting injured due to increasing milage to suddenly and I would use biking and swimming to cross train then the thought hit me why not do a triathlon, and that is how my journey to triathlon began. June 18th, 2019, I faced one of my greatest fears and biggest obstacles in life, I underwent an open-heart surgery. Not only did I have the open-heart surgery, but 10 weeks later I went on to compete in the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne Switzerland. , i know how to work hard and i have grit . and that goes a long way in triathlon.