Castelli Colletivo

Past Races

08/26/2023 Gravel Worlds
08/19/2023 core4 Gravel
07/15/2023 Albia Holy Cow
06/17/2023 Waukon One Hundred
05/20/2023 Silver City Century
04/29/2023 Driftless 100
02/19/2023 Austin Marathon

Ian Breitlow

Omaha, Nebraska

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Road Running
Bucket List RaceBelgian Waffle Ride - San Diego
Post-Race DrinkLaCroix Sparkling Water
Off-Day ActivityCooking tons of healthy good food for the week

Hey there friends! My name is Ian Breitlow; I am a "fast roots" racer and I am super excited to apply for the Colletivo Competition Team! I am a gravel racer currently calling Omaha Nebraska home base. However, I have taken cycling with me around the Midwest. I grew up mountain biking and cross-country skiing in the Mississippi River valley of Minnesota, got introduced to racing at University of Wisconsin-Platteville in southwestern Wisconsin, fell in love with gravel during my two-year stint in Iowa City, Iowa, and just finished my first Gravel Worlds in the "flat lands" of eastern Nebraska. I am a civil engineer specializing in geotechnical (soils) engineering. My unique situation of observing the landscapes and roads from a gravel bike and from a construction site has been incredible. I know local roads where new development is planned from biking, and I can answer questions about road maintenance and materials on the group rides. I humbly ride for a local hipster club team based in Iowa City called the Johnson County Flyers, but have a collegiate team I still represent at races. I love having connections to the cycling communities from all of my homes in the Midwest. P.S. I also am committed to cross training with my fiancé - I have to the 2023 Austin Marathon on the books!
I participate in the grassroots gravel events the Midwest is known for, but I train and race such that I call them Fastroot events!