Castelli Colletivo

David Beach

Chestwr, Virginia

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Other
Post-Race DrinkWater
Off-Day ActivityWalking in Nature

My name is David Beach. I am a 32 years old today while I am applying for this opportunity. I am from Brooklyn NY but I have recently moved to Richmond Virginia. I have been living and breathing cycling for the past two years and have loved the results of health and mental health. I have accumulated 17,000 miles over the past two years and have participated in events and races anywhere from New York City to Atlanta Georgia. Every weekend I utilize my time to travel to a different states and ride with different pace lines to diversify my life and network with other cyclist. I would love to be apart of the Castelli team because I love how Castelli brand constantly makes historical first impacts, the passion behind the product and displays a history of innovation. I pray that I am given this opportunity and look forward to continuing to be a impact on my younger son who cycles currently and thebyouth of cyclist for generations to come.