Castelli Colletivo

James Goodnight

Atlanta, Georgia

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Duathlon, Yoga
Bucket List RaceChicago Marathon
Post-Race DrinkCold pressed juice
Off-Day Activityhike if the weather is nice

I am a health and wellness enthusiast. As much as a I like to exercising/working out, I enjoy eating but healthy eating. I believe that your ultimate fitness level is contingent upon how you eat, fuel your body to prepare for optimal results through exercise. I am a runner x 10 yrs, 1 yr old cyclist while maintaining my strength training regimen. I connect with several groups throughout the city of Atlanta, each group serves it purpose for me in my goal of staying fit. I oversee a pediatric wellness program to jumpstart our youth into a more healthy lifestyle. My goals for 2022, compete in crit/road races, duathalon, complete a marathon and potential complete a triathalon.