Castelli Colletivo

Jonathan Traughber

Springfield , Missouri

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Adventure Racing, Cyclocross, Kayaking / Canoe Marathon, Hiking, Climbing
Bucket List RaceArkansas highland trail
Post-Race DrinkChocolate milk
Off-Day ActivityHelping at a local charity that gets kids on bikes

Started off riding out on country roads and then got into road racing. Then ended up going back to the country roads and getting into gravel racing. Now I am after anything to do with racing my bike gravel, road, mtb. If I can pedal it I want to race it pretty much. I live in Springfield, MO and am on a race team SBC Athletics that now has a nonprofit organization called Fair Banks. They get kids on bikes that can’t afford to normally. When I’m not riding I am spending my time there helping out.