Castelli Colletivo

Past Races

11/25/2021 Belgian Waffle Ride: Utah
10/29/2021 Belgian Waffle Ride Kansas
05/22/2021 Co2uT Desert Gravel 70
09/12/2020 Bad Medicine 19

Evan Keys

AURORA, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Cyclocross, Hiking, Climbing
Bucket List RaceSBT and Unbound
Post-Race DrinkA nice glass of red wine
Off-Day ActivityRock climbing

I started my athletic career in high school, running track, building bikes, and cycling. As I grew older, I found myself enjoying the outdoors more as a pass-time.

I started hiking the tallest and most challenging peaks in Colorado and trail running from time-to-time. I continued to build bikes and ride periodically, when I found my true love of rock climbing. I find that rock climbing was able to take me many places that gave me different perspective of the outdoors, and learning about myself. Learning how to flow efficiently in the mountains and ascending huge rock faces only to gain majestic views from the summit was addicting. I have since become a climbing coach with a gym and worked with local non-profits to give at-risk youth the opportunities to experience the outdoors as I have.

I recently got back into cycling, more specifically gravel. I get the same feeling of accomplishment from gravel cycling as I do rock climbing, being able to experience some of natures most beautiful places that are seldom traveled and push my physical and mental boundaries.

I may be somewhat new to cycling, but on a bike is where I feel at home, exploring and always searching for that perfect view.